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Posted by martijnl on July 12, 2006

Parallel to our virtualization project we are in the process of upgrading our storage environment.

Our current environment is an FC-SAN from HP Storageworks. It consists of three MSA 1000 arrays. Each MSA1000 has 1 additional MSA30 attached to it. The SAN Switch is an HP SAN Switch 2/16 (Brocade internals). Backups are done with an MSL5026 tape robot that is connected to an N1200 Storage Router.

Not all physical servers are connected to the SAN at the moment. Older servers and non-critical machines have not been migrated. Most of the new servers were equipped with a Fiber HBA and connected to the SAN. The server environment is a mixed batch of Linux and Windows (roughly 50/50 split).

With virtualization we will migrate all servers and their storage to the SAN. Because the current components are nearly depreciated (some have already been declared end-of-life by HP) we decided to move our planned SAN upgrade up in time (with about 4 to 5 months) rather than invest in three year old equipment.

The choices for new environment are EMC or IBM. At the moment the following configurations have been proposed:



These will probably not be the definitive solutions (we’ll drop the tape library for example in favor of disk because the equipment will be housed in an external location where we have to pay extra for tapehandling).

The full setup will be fully redundant with dual fiber HBA’s in the servers and dual SAN Switches etc. Our current setup doesn’t even have dual controllers and we only have a single SAN switch.


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