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Problems with AutoYaST

Posted by martijnl on July 14, 2006

We are experiencing some problems with our Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9 installations in the testlab. Our default AutoYaST configuration installs fine but on reboot it can’t find the harddisks anymore (/dev/sda.) and fails to boot. Before the reboot of the VM there is no problem at all and the server functions fine.

We haven’t found anything on the VMTN forums or other VM resources. The only thing that comes close is a problem someone described with Workstation 5.5. As both SLES8 and SLES9 are supported OS’s the problem is probably an AutoYaST problem.

We’ll try to fix this next week, I’ll post the cause and solution when we find it.


2 Responses to “Problems with AutoYaST”

  1. PeterV said

    I just encountered the same problem….unable to find /dev/sda3 (my ‘/’ partition)…Oddly, the partition itself does exist and has software installed on it via autoyast as I am able to mount it when booting into rescue mode….

  2. martijnl said

    I don’t know if you found it but we worked around this particular problem by doing an install with just SP2 and then upgrading the VM through the online updater to SP3. That was no problem so after that we just made a template of the VM in it’s updated state.

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