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AutoYaST final

Posted by martijnl on July 20, 2006

suse logoAlthough there is some configuration work with AutoYaST still to be done we’ve managed to get a working SLES9 SP3 install going. The root cause of the problem were errors in our file repository config. We have used another AutoYaST repository where an installation of SLES9 with SP2 worked flawlessly. Updating it through the YaST Online Updater tool (YOU) to SP3 also presented no problems so it’s now just a question of getting the correct files in the correct order into the repository.

Both VM’s will be installed with Oracle Application Server. We will get some load off those environments to see how the testing cluster holds up and if there’s any impact on the performance side (positive or negative).


2 Responses to “AutoYaST final”

  1. Gen said

    Would be interested how you get on with Oracle App server – is it 9i or 10g? , as VM.. Are you going to be using ESX server – VMWARE?

  2. martijnl said

    Yes, we are using VMWare Virtual Infrastructure 3 (Enterprise version, see for details).

    So far nothing really spectacular has come up with Oracle AS but that was just a testing environment. I’ll post more when we have our production machines virtualized.

    The version is 10g (which is 9i release 4 if I’m not mistaken).

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