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Posted by martijnl on August 7, 2006

Once we finish testing PowerConvert and some last loadtests we will start with setting up our production environment. The definitive decision on the new SAN has not been taken yet so that could still become exciting should we have some unexpected external influence.

EMC has our preference but there could be some political influence in the direction of IBM. We’re hoping to strike the right deal financially with EMC so the discussion can focus on functionality again.

The purchase of the storage environment has now been classified as being “on the critical path” because it will make or break our planning. Our escape route is to buy yet another disk cage to attach to one of the MSA1000’s we currently have but that would be a waste of the money in the long term and we would only be able to run production on that for a very short time (no redundancy).

Our milestones for the coming period are:

  • Ordering production VM hosts: 15-8-06
  • Decision on storage: between now and 25-8-06
  • First storage array online: between 12-9-06 and 18-9-06
  • Writing migration plan: from 7-8-06 to Fri 8-9-06
  • Start of migration: Mon 18-9-06

One Response to “Looking forward”

  1. devnull42 said

    We are about as far along with our virtualization project as you are. I just found your site today and it’s interesting to see someone going through a similar (although larger) project. We are only going to be running about 25 VM’s or so.

    Our problem is that the most demanding VM’s are going to be new servers. We are upgrading the majority of the legacy systems here to a Windows 2003 Infrastructure and only have a vague idea of the processor and I/O requirements.

    Our hardware is on order and should be in torwards the end of the month. We decided to go with IBM x3650’s (Dual 3.0ghz Intel 5160 CPU’s and 16GB of Ram.)

    The hardest point to decide on was the SAN. We talked to some other institutions and decided to go with the Equalogic iSCSI SAN. Price was definatly influencing our decision, but we wouldn’t have gone that route if we didn’t feel good about the performance. Fibre Channel would be nice, but was way out of the budget.

    I look forward to reading how your experience continues with the big migration.

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