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Barracuda rocks!

Posted by martijnl on August 25, 2006

Completely unrelated to virtualization but I just have to get this out:

The Barracuda Networks Spam Firewall rocks !  Barracuda Logo

We have done a trial of a week and cought 12% more spam than we did with our old solution (SpamAssassin + MailScanner + MailWatch) which required more and more manual configuration and tweaking of detection rules. Although the Barracuda is still partly a SpamAssassin implementation they have reworked the Bayesian system among other thinBSF artworkgs.

We went to full production last Tuesday and with some more training of the Bayesian we are now at a whopping 18% increase in spamdetection.

The units have performed flawlessly so far (in active-active cluster) and we got to ditch our old SMTP servers as it does outgoing and relaying as well. With the new firmware it even does outgoing spam checking. It just sweet. And price-performance is a no brainer as we can depreciate them over three year.


2 Responses to “Barracuda rocks!”

  1. martijnl said

    Now if they only made them a Virtual Appliances……………………… 😛

  2. Phil said

    As an admin of a MailScanner box I find your comments surprising. Our setup catches well over 99% of incoming spam. I’m not sure what you did wrong (you didn’t give enough details for any meaningful analysis), but people on the MailScanner mailing list keep saying how much better things are since they switched from Barracudas to MailScanner.

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