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PowerConvert issue + storage status

Posted by martijnl on August 25, 2006

PowerConvert has been giving us some headaches with the licensing. We have a Proof of Concept package but the license doesn’t allow us to deploy it. A call has been entered with Platespin and we are awaiting their information.

Also the decision on storage has not been taken yet because of political issues. EMC has our preference but there are other factors at play.

The final configuration looks like this:

  • Clariion CX3-40 with:
    • 2 cages with 146GB 10k FC disks (for transaction systems and VM’s)
    • 1 cage with 300GB 10k FC disks (mostly for fileserver data)
    • 1 cage with 500GB LC FC disks (LC = LowCost / for archiving of data and diskbased backup)
  • 2 Cisco MDS 9020 SAN Switches
  • EMC DiskXtender
    • This is software that does policy based file server archiving (if it goes to EMC we’ll be adding EmailXtender in 2007 for policy based e-mail archiving)
  • SanCopy
    • This is software to make array based copies between different SAN’s.
  • Snapview
    • This is software to make snapshots and clones
  • Navisphere
    • SAN Management software

Archiving for now will happen straight to the 500GB disks. In the future and taking into account changes that could happen in the field of data retention and new legislation we have the option of adding more near-line storage or adding Centera’s.

We will keep our MSL5026 robot for now and do backup and e-mailarchiving in 2007. We wouldn’t have the personnel for it anyway and it saves some serious money in the budget.

I consider myself lucky that we do not have to be SOX compliant or overly apprehensive because of liability. There is some privacy law that we have to live with but the consequence for the infrastructure is minimal. For example: BCM and our ISO27001:2005 certification are more important at the moment.

Have good weekend,


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  1. […] As of yesterday afternoon we will be EMC customers. The configuration as described in my earlier post hasn’t changed so that is what we’ll be ordering. EMC will also assist with the migration from our current HP MSA 1000 based SAN the highlights of the progress of that process will also appear here as it impacts our virtualization project. […]

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