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Posted by martijnl on August 30, 2006

I always get a little edgy when people state that “project plans are there to be changed” but it seems we’ll be using that quote quite often this period.

Because we still have the license problem with Platespin we made zero progress on that side and there has also not been a decision about the storage environment.

As I will be off for a week starting next Friday so I am hoping Platespin can resolve the issue and get us a working Proof of Concept license tomorrow. If all goes well (we have made successful P2I conversions so the only thing standing in the way of a successful test is the I2V deployment) then the orders can go out to Platespin and HP for the hardware and software before I leave.

Planning now looks like this:

  • Ordering production VM hosts: 31-8-06
  • Decision on storage: hopefully 1-9-06
  • VM host cluster online: 18-9-06
  • Production tests: 18-9-06 to 1-10-06
  • First storage array online: 1-10-06
  • Writing migration plan: from 7-8-06 to 18-9-06
  • Start of migration: 1-10-06

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