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PowerConvert ordered

Posted by martijnl on September 12, 2006

After our initial troubles with PowerConvert we have ordered it today. We’ll start with 2 times the 25 server package. Some Windows boxes will probably receive a fresh install during migration (like the domain controllers) so 50 licenses in total should be enough for the complete project. At the end of the project we also have some ESX2.5 to ESX3.0 migrations, we will see how well they go or if we are going to V2V them with PowerConvert.

We have chosen the license type that is good for P2V, V2V, P2I and I2V as we are not expecting to have to migrate back to physical. Our DR planning takes into account the restore into a new virtual environment and support wise (vendors that only support implementations on physical machines) we are pretty much clear. Anything else can be handled by performing a re-install to a physical box and restoring the data back to it but I will be surprised if that will happen more than twice a year based on all the testing we’ve done.


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