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MPR – Week 1 – Tuesday

Posted by martijnl on October 3, 2006

Today we had the following progress:

  • The migration plan was finished in concept.
  • The total migration load of the project is 124 servers. They are split like this:
    • 92 physical servers to virtual
    • 27 VMWare GSX to VI3
    • 7 ESX 2.5 to VI3
  • Among these servers are:
    • 52 Linux servers
    • 72 Windows servers

Thursday the migration plan will be reviewed with the goal of having a definitive plan by Friday including preliminary migration dates which then have to be checked with several key business processes because of the related downtime of their systems.

Thursday will also see the installation of VI3, VC2 and PowerConvert on the designated servers (they will be mounted in their racks tomorrow). If we need it we will also use VMWare VMI (Virtual Machine Importer) and VMWare P2V Assistant (the Starter Edition included in the VI3 license).

The necessary vSwitches will be configured and bonded to the NIC’s and the servers will get some storage assigned (there is some room on the old arrays) so we can start with migrations ahead of the new SAN.


One Response to “MPR – Week 1 – Tuesday”

  1. Jay said

    Sweet! VI3 seems like a really nice.

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