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MPR Week 6 – Tuesday

Posted by martijnl on November 7, 2006

This week we will migrate two servers: a Biztalk 2004 server and a Tridion Content Manager server. Both are development environments for one of our clients (development in this context means that we are running production on them as the custom application that we are building using these environments is the thing that we

Last week also saw the addition of the second VI3 host (we needed to make some space on our core switch) . The cluster was enabled and both machines were added to the cluster without anyone knowing that it happened. After this there was a slight problem getting VMotion to work but the solution was to make an actual gateway present (rather than using a fake one as was still possible in ESX2.5). So we made a small 192.168.x.x. network coupled to a separate vLAN and vSwitch which is used for VMotion as we don’t want that data, which is unencrypted system state data, going over the production network.

We also received some very encouraging news from Platespin regarding LVM support in the next version of PowerConvert so we are looking forward to the official announcement from them so we can have a new go at PowerConverting our Linux boxes.


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