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MPR Week 6 – Thursday

Posted by martijnl on November 13, 2006

Three conversions last Thursday and again something to write about.

I would like to report some sort of consistency in the process but it seems everytime there has to be something that needs extra attention.

In this case there were:

  • a SuperOffice application server. This time it was the virus scanner (McAfee) that refused to start up properly after the migration. Somehow it got installed twice. After removing it from the server and forcing a new installation from the ePolicy server and a reboot the problem was solved
  • a Biztalk 2004 server. Apart for an unexpected slowdown in transfer rates from our other office this went without a hitch
  • a Tridion Content Manager server. In contrast to our earlier migration of a similar server it turned out that because of a change in IP adress (we use a location based numbering system, this physical server was in our second datacenter) the license was invalidated. We requested a new license file from their customer support the next morning and got the server running normally

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