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MPR Week 9

Posted by martijnl on November 23, 2006

After surviving an exhausting ISO 27001 audit I can now write something about our virtualization progress again.

My most imporant conclusion of this week is that virtualization is starting to be FUN ! We now have all the wrinkles out of the conversion progress and we can predict nearly exactly how a conversion is going to run.

Oh, and converting the first fileserver really was that simple. So simple in fact that I believe we can do the next 500GB and 600GB conversion in just under 15 minutes each. It’s so simple and fast that we could even do it without informing the users and they wouldn’t even notice it.

Memory utilization after 38 VM’s is closing in on the 50% mark on the hosts so action is needed there (see other post).

The other conversions were Oracle database servers on Windows and apart from having to copy 100GB from our other datacenter both went without problems. Even the necessary change in the IP address (which our DBA has told me is notoriously difficult with Oracle servers) gave no problems.


One Response to “MPR Week 9”

  1. DBA said

    The change in IP address was most problematic in pré-9.0.4 Oracle Application Servers, in fact a reinstall would be inevitable. The one we virtualized yesterday was a 10g 9.04 App server in which you can use /chgip/chgiphost.bat

    Be ready to have all the passwords at hand for the ASDB sys user, ias_admin and orcladmin. But even with everything at hand it’s still a “fingers crossed” operation 😉 This one went fine, the 9.2.04 database server was much easier, checking the listener.ora, thsnames.ora, hosts file and agent files for IP addresses is enough. Offcourse in our case everything was configured on DNS name 😉

    A virtualized Oracle server behaves exactly the same as a fysical one, that is, all available memory is taken once you start the first Oracle proces 🙂

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