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New host delivery confirmed

Posted by martijnl on December 19, 2006

I received a short update from our supplier to let us know that the hosts that we ordered in November will be delivered this week. Kudos go to them for securing a replacement DL585 G2 chassis within a matter of days when one of the servers was diagnosed as being DOA (Dead On Arrival). The replacement unit was flown in today from the States so they could still hold their prognosed delivery date.

Because of the holiday season we’ll probably not be able to work on them next week so we’ll kick off the New Year with the completion of our planned cluster. Because the experiences are so good we have also decided to include an expansion of the cluster with another two hosts in next year’s budget as we are expecting our business growth of this year to continue and accelerate next year as well.


One Response to “New host delivery confirmed”

  1. mamo said

    I love this blog…
    We had a similar project last quarter (DR VMware Consolidation, SAN Migration…) and reading these pages still thrills me so much.
    The problems, the expectations and the satisfaction are something we felt the same.

    Thank you for your work and good luck.

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