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New hosts online, project cluster complete

Posted by martijnl on January 4, 2007

And with this I wish you all a very happy New Year and good luck on all your virtualization projects. May it work out as well for you as it for us.

To continue the festive spirit we received some gifts from HP just before Christmas: the new DL585G2’s we ordered. And yesterday and today they were fully configured and have found a place in one of our racks next to their older brothers.

Truly impressive machines these G2’s and HP have made some great strides in the layout of the machines. Also for maintenance they are much more engineer-friendly as they don’t have to come all the way out of the rack to replace a CPU or to add memory. You can see something of it on the pictures below (click for larger view) or have a look at the Quickspecs @ In effect the whole CPU / memory assembly slides out forward out of the machine after removing to large coolers. This way you can pull the server out half way in stead of with the G1 which needs to be out all the way to open the top lid so that also means less risk of stress on the rail kit.

585 G2 open                            DL585 open on case

I know it was mentioned on the VMWare forums: you can not VMotion between a G1 and a G2 without CPU masking. We will work around this for a short time while we get another two 585G2’s and move the G1 servers to a VDI cluster that we are planning.


One Response to “New hosts online, project cluster complete”

  1. Atreyu said

    If you look at the CPU board on the DL585G2 – at the top of the board near CPU 1 and 2 there are two sphinx inscriptions. One on the west side of the board – facing east with a sun behind it. And then, symmetrically, one on the east side of the board facing the west with a moon behind it. Do you know what these inscriptions mean ?

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