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Oracle 10g Grid Control and AS servers virtualized

Posted by martijnl on January 18, 2007

Also yesterday we converted our Oracle 10g Grid Control server. This is the server that we use for managing our Oracle databases and to which all these servers write their backup and archiving data (in practice: all servers have their archive and backup folders mounted to the management server).

As this server was still using direct attached storage the bulk of the conversion time went into copying all the backup data to the designated storage tier. Then the machine was PowerConverted and the backup and archive mounts on the database servers refreshed.

This morning we noticed that the machine was using just 11% of the allocated 3GB so we slashed that be 50%.

A much easier conversion was that of an Oracle AS (Application Server) server. This was just PowerConverted without problems. This morning we decided to shrink the memory allocated to that machine from 3GB to 1GB as it was just using 6% of it’s memory.


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