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Migration weekend coming up

Posted by martijnl on February 8, 2007

Because of the fact that we are now virtualizing servers that run our most critical production systems we aren’t moving as fast as we were in the beginning of our project. We have to plan most of the work either very early in the morning or in weekends like the one coming up.

This weekend we will be virtualizing nice Oracle servers of different flavours (8i, 9i, 10g, 9iAS and 10gAS). Because some machine were still using Suse Linux 8 (SLES8) we can’t PowerConvert them but in stead we have prepared Oracle 8i and 9i on SLES9 templates which will be used to generate the VM’s. After that it’s just a question of either mounting the database data already on the SAN or copying it over and mounting it. Following the recommendation from EMC we use RDM’s for all our Oracle databases so that’s exactly what we’ll do here.

After this migration weekend we’ll start at putting DMZ network into the VM hosts and configuring our virtual DMZ so we can start virtualizing our webservers.


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