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Oracle DB/AS and Grid Control in production

Posted by martijnl on February 13, 2007

So last weekend we migrated all the Oracle servers. After multiple issues with PowerConvert (it doesn’t clean up after itself properly if a migration fails) we eventually managed to convert an Oracle 10g, Oracle 10g AS and an Oracle 9iAS server. The others were re-installs.

It seems that there still is some ways to go on the Linux conversion front to make it a truly user-friendly application. Although we couldn’t have done it faster by hand it is kind of frustrating to see your migration fail time after time because of problems during copying or the program simply freezing up when it’s trying to take control.

On the Monday it turned out that our estimate for sizing the production 9i databaseserver was a bit on the cheap side (1 vCPU / 3GB memory) so we had to add a second vCPU. Oracle also likes it better when it can run an SMP kernel and it seems to hold up. We may upgrade the memory to 4GB but everything else works fine.


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