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Wyse with VDI

Posted by martijnl on March 29, 2007

Today we had a quick demo of a Wyse thin client to use with our VDI setup. While we will not be using this for the India development case new opportunities are opening up because of the fact we have a VDI farm in house.

One scenario we are thinking about is the improvement of our computer based training classrooms. Being a System Integrator doing a lot of your own training of your engineers, consultants and developers saves a lot of money on external training costs but it also brings some challenges on the refreshing of the software used in the courses on the training desktops. Currently we use a mixture of technologies with VMWare Player, installations by hand or plain copying. While this works reasonably well there is always room for improvement.

The demo worked rather flawlessly with a demo S10 unit. It was so straight forward that we only needed to fill in the name of the Broker service (Leostream’s Connection Broker in our case) and the thin client unit automagically picked up the connection and we were signed into our demo VD within seconds. Very impressive indeed.

While there are downsides to using thin clients with regards to user experience (currently users have quite a bit of freedom on their desktop) it is certainly something we will be looking in to in the future.


5 Responses to “Wyse with VDI”

  1. Ardence said

    Interested why you would use VDI to deliver this. It would seem that OS steaming like Ardence would give you everything you want, less infrastructure and full power at the desktop. While Ardence is very popular for streaming VDI desktops, in your case, using Ardence to the desktop would fufill all your needs.

  2. martijnl said

    I don’t know exactly which portion of the post you are referring to but using thin clients with VDI would leverage the already existing VDI platform without having to bring yet another software platform / supplier / knowledge area into the managing department (which is very lean with regards to staffing).

    On the education PC side we are evaluating thin clients as a possible option next to keeping fat clients but with Virtual Desktops in stead of all the different software images or virtual machines (VMWare Player for example) for courses. Wyse also has an application streaming platform which we are also looking at and Ardence could be another option.

    To be completely honest I had never heard of Ardence before your post here so I will be checking out the website at least.

  3. Russ said

    Did you know you can make a connection without a connection broker using the Wyse S10 WTOS firmware?
    Check with your local Wyse feild SE for more information.

  4. martijnl said

    Hi Russ,

    That possibility was shown in the demo. The Wyse rep explained it as the S10-VDI version having it’s own broker within the firmware. I don’t know if that is the correct description but we understood what the possibilities were.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Just a shout-out. Love your blog. The idea is great, and I’m sure it must be really useful to a lot of readers. We linked to you (and chatted you up) on our own blog:


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