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End score (consolidation, power etc.)

Posted by martijnl on July 7, 2007

Our virtualization project has come to an end a while ago but I would like to share the end score and some of the savings achieved with this project:

Our current VI consists of:

  • Six cluster hosts (DL585 G2, 48GB memory per host)
    • 120 Virtual Servers (consolidation 20:1)
  • Two VDI hosts (DL585 G1, 32GB memory per host)
    • 50 desktops (currently, there’s room for more)
  • One dedicated ESX3 host for SAP testing and development purposes
  • One dedicated ESX3 host for Lotus Notes / Domino testing and development purposes
    • The above two servers have lower continuity requirements and are therefore stand-alone machines (not part of the cluster)
  • 1 Virtual Center Management Server

Real estate saved (focusing on servers only, not the VDI):

  • Total rack units used for VI: 30
  • Total racks used for VI: 2
  • Total rack units saved: 240
  • Total racks saved: 8
  • Total sq. meters saved: 50 (we would have had to move into a datacenter suite twice as large to accomodate for growth)
  • Total real estate cost (OTC) saved: € 30.000 (approx.)
  • Total real estate cost (MRC) saved:  € 6.000 (approx.)
    • OTC: One Time Charge
    • MRC: Monthly Recurring Charge

Power savings:

  • Extrapolated extra power requirement: 10 – 15 KiloWatts
  • Estimated monthly power savings: € 1500 – 2500

There are also additional benefits like the massive increase in continuity, the time saved on provisioning new servers and the transparency in costs.


5 Responses to “End score (consolidation, power etc.)”

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  2. Trevor said

    Thanks for giving everyone such good feedback on your Virtualization project. The information given here will certainly be of interest to many readers as they virtualize and consolidate thier systems. If you are interested in recording a podcast with Virtual-Strategy Magazine to review your success, we would be pleased to have you.
    Thanks again,
    Trevor Connors, Assistant Editor
    Virtual Strategy Magazine

  3. […] Documenting a virtualization project: End score (consolidation, power etc.) “Our virtualization project has come to an end a while ago but I would like to share the end score and some of the savings achieved with this project.” […]

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  5. martijnl said

    Hopefully this gets read by the guys @


    I have tried to contact your editor Trevor Connors directly through the e-mail address provided in the comment as well as through the contact form on your website. I have not received a reply from either source.

    Please let me know if there have been technical difficulties with either or both contact methods (holiday season perhaps ?)



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