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Small site change

Posted by martijnl on October 29, 2007

Because I have moved on from the project that this blog started with (which ended successfully a couple of months ago) I decided to change the subtitle of the blog and it’s general content direction. With the new subtitle reading “Experiences in Virtualization” I want to relay some of my experiences in Virtualization projects that I do myself or that I get information about from associates / colleagues / etc.

Starting with myself I want to write about the application of structured testing within virtualization projects. The posts will focus on the what, why, when and how of structured testing as this is a relatively new workfield compared to structured testing in application development where it has become standard practice over the years.


One Response to “Small site change”

  1. Habibalby said

    Well, i think this thread is a good point to start off with my planning project to move from Physical to Virtual Infrastructure and introducing a new technology to the organization where i work for.

    Since i joined, i have been trying to convince our management to go for virtulization technology for various reasons.
    1. T.C.O
    2. Simplify IT Management and Administration
    3. HA/ and Disaster Recovery in-case of a disaster.
    4. etc etc….

    In our Organization, we have two networks, one is the Development and Production. Currently, out systems are running on NT4.0 Domain, with some 2000 windows applications and Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5.

    I have an experience in Microsoft Administration and somewhat in ESX Server implementation and administration. I have proposed for them the idea to move our Testing Environment from Physical to Virtual Infrastructure and I will migrate the NT4.0 Domain to Windows 2003 and Exchange Server from 5.5 ~ 2003 and then to 2007.

    I’m attaching my proposal for your guys to comment on, or to advice more on it.

    Note: This document is here for 7 Days, please if you try to download it and the Download is expeir please let me know.


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