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HP to offer ESX3i on Proliant

Posted by martijnl on February 27, 2008

One of the more interesting hardware announcements coming around VMWorld Europe is HP’s announcement that they will be offering ESX3i on 10 models of Proliant servers. According to the press release “ESX 3i for HP ProLiant features VMware virtualization capabilities with full support for HP System Insight Manager (SIM)” and will also feature integration with HP’s Insight Control Environment.


3 Responses to “HP to offer ESX3i on Proliant”

  1. Martijn, why in particular is the HP announcement the most interesting to you? Because HP is your preferred vendor, because it’s 10 different models, or because of the management software integration?

  2. martijnl said

    John, this announcement is the most concrete regarding 3i in my opinion (although it would have been nice to see some model numbers). Dell was already on board with the initial announcement so that is nothing new. From IBM I have only seen the announcement that they will support it on one blade model.

    Other vendors such as Fujitsu-Siemens have a very small market share with the clients that I visit (and have been at in the last 10 years).

  3. Geir Trondrud said

    If I’m not mistaking IBM will support 3i on at least the IBM x3850 M2 as well, which is not a blade server. The new version of x3850 also contains the 7300-series CPU from Intel.

    Excerpt from a website stating it, although I heard it from an IBM rep,
    “The HS21 XM will be available in the second quarter of 2008 at a starting price of $7,545, which includes two processors, 4GB of memory, a 4GB modular flash drive and VMware ESX 3i. The System x3850 M2 will also be available in second quarter.”



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