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SMB virtualization with Equallogic PS5000E

Posted by martijnl on August 28, 2008

I am currently working on an SMB design which will probably include a Dell/Equallogic PS5000E unit. As this unit works with 7200rpm SATA disks it will be interesting to see if the performance is on par with all the metrics that we collected.

If it works like we have calculated that it will it could make the cornerstone of a very nice standardized SMB virtualization design.

Storage network switching will be done by Cisco 3750 switches as they are proven technology. In the ideal world it would be nice to have a side by side comparison of 3750’s with cheaper alternatives like the PowerConnect 6224 or comparable ProCurve’s but for now the 3750’s will do nicely.


5 Responses to “SMB virtualization with Equallogic PS5000E”

  1. Doug said

    How did it work out? We are considering the same for our environment. Would you be able to share any info or metrics?

  2. martijnl said

    Sorry, no progress as of yet. The design is finished but we have not started the project yet.

  3. […] public links >> smb SMB virtualization with Equallogic PS5000E Saved by rabarberski on Sat 18-10-2008 SMB Technology Franchises (Reprint from Issue 1-2) Saved […]

  4. Dennes said

    Any progress on this?
    We’re looking for about the same solution, but are considering either the NetApp S550 (SATA only) or the HP MSA2012i (SATA/SAS). It’s hard to find any decent (performance) info on any of them though.


  5. The equallogic will far outperform the netapp s550 and the HP msa 2012i

    These ar emore comparable to the dell md3000i

    the equallogic is comparable to emc cx4 and hp eva in segment but outperforms even these from an application perspective.

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