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Preparing a VDI desktop: custom default user profile

Posted by martijnl on January 12, 2009

Ever notice that some settings (like performance and visual effects) are not valid for other users logging into a virtual desktop? That’s because some of these settings are configured into the user profile.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to create a custom default user profile so you can set all once and then all users logging into the machine get these settings automatically from the default profile:


One Response to “Preparing a VDI desktop: custom default user profile”

  1. Rick said

    Setting a default user profile works fine, but if you are using non-persistent vdi’s you will quickly find that users will demand a better profile management. Citrix makes a pretty cool tool “user Profile Manager” which is included with their desktop virtualization product. /it’s sufficient but it’s not licensed to be used with non-citrix products. You can also use the flex profiles from which is based on scripting. And then There’s AppSense which is one of my favorite products. I write a little blog on what AppSense brings to the table here:

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