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VMworld Underground for more VMworld news

Posted by martijnl on February 13, 2009

While I will be blogging away during the VMworld Europe 2009 conference there is another site that brings a number of bloggers together under one roof in the form of a Ning community. Several well known bloggers such as Eric Sloof ( and Rich Brambley ( are bringing their contributions to the VMworld Underground website.

Interested? Visit it at:


3 Responses to “VMworld Underground for more VMworld news”

  1. rbrambley said


    I am looking forward to your blog posts from Vmworld Europe! Are you going to try to live blog? I’m guessing there should be a lot of breaking news!

  2. martijnl said

    I will be live blogging (at least, that’s the plan). I am very curious about the blogging facilities and the availability of a wireless network. There is some logistics to work out still because for the best blogging experience I will need my laptop but that’s a hunk of a Dell D830 Latitude. The alternative is blogging from an Ipod Touch but that also has its limitations and to buy a netbook just for this is a bit much 🙂

  3. Sean Clark said

    And don’t forget the VMworld Underground podcast at 10:30 AM Central Standard Time. . It’s a Talkshoe call-in format and we’ll cover the highlights of the day’s activities at the conference. It’s loosely organized, fun and always an independent view of the conference. You can also get to the podcast of the main page at


    Sean Clark –

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