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Posted by martijnl on February 23, 2009

Partner Day opened with two keynote speeches by Paul Maritz (VMware President and CEO) and Carl Eschenbach (Executive Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations). They were introduced by Andy Hunt of the EMEA Partner Organization.

The key points of the presentations were that VMware is still doing very good despite the economic climate (the phrase “in these troubled times” has taken on a life of its own) and that going forward into 2009 the market for server consolidation, desktop virtualization and infrastructure management will be strong again.

Some remarks that I found interesting were the following:

  • VMware now has an R&D budget that exceeds anything that
    Paul Maritz had to work with when he was back at Microsoft running the OS divisions.
  • IT as a Service is still the holy grail. VMware has now divided the portfolio into three groups of technologies to achieve that goal: VDC-OS (the virtual datacenter OS), vCloud (Cloud Computing technologies and cloud computing partner eco system) and vDesktop (all the virtual Desktop initiatives)
  • For the first time vSphere was used officially (but we were already expecting that announcement thanks to Jason Boche)
  • The Management offerings will be restructured into the vCenter Suite (hopefully more details to come on that in the coming days)
  • VMware will be actively working on standards to enhance the interoperability between the internal vCloud (the on-premise virtualized IT infrastructure) and the external vCloud (the off-premise cloud infrastructure operated by third parties. This way you will be able to transperently move workloads between the internal and external cloud and have the choice where a workload should exist based on business values rather than technical limitations
  • There will be an announcement tomorrow regarding desktop virtualization and the way VMware wants solve the issue of portability of a virtual workload between endpoints. I am very interested in this as it would enable (as was mentioned in the keynote) IT departments to have their employees to bring in their own devices without comprimising enterprise workspace security.
  • In relation to this Paul Maritz also noted the work that is being done in conjunction with Teradici to enhance to delivery protocols.

All in all two very interesting presentations and a nice way to kick off Partner Day.


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