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Terms and lingo

Every technique brings it’s own lingo. While I will not pretend to have a complete dictionary here, all the terms I’ll use in the blog should be here.

Storage related:

FC – Fiber Channel (disk) (Fiber Channel on Wikipedia)
LC-FC – Low Cost Fiber Channel (disk)
SAN – Storage Area Network (SAN on Wikipedia)
DAS – Direct Attached Storage (a fancy way of saying you have diskstorage in the server that is running the application)
SAS – Serial Attached SCSI (SAS on Wikipedia)
SFF SAS Small Form Factor SAS ie. 2.5″ disks in stead of 3.5″
RDM – Raw Device Mapping (of a LUN to an ESX host)
LUN – Logical Unit Number (LUN definition on Wikipedia)
HBA – Host Bus Adapter (for connecting a server to a Fiber Port in the SAN) (HBA on Wikipedia)
BBWC – Battery Backed Write Cache (battery powered disk cache in case of power failure)

Virtualization related:

vNIC – Virtual Network Interface Card
P2I –
Physical to Image conversion
V2I – Virtual to Image conversion
I2P – Image to Physical conversion
I2V – Image to Virtual conversion
P2P – Physical to Physical conversion (for when you want to transfer a machine in a certain state to another physical machine)
V2V – Virtual to Virtual conversion (for when you want to transfer a machine in a certain state to another virtual machine)
P2V –
Physical to Virtual conversion
V2P – Virtual to Physical conversion
vSwitch – Virtual Switch inside an ESX/VI server
vLAN – Virtual LAN (vLAN on Wikipedia)
DRS – Distributed Resource Scheduler (explanation on
HA – High Availablity (in this context meant as the VI option, explanation on
VC – Virtual Center (Management Server)
VI –
Virtual Infrastructure
VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (now replaced by View)
VD – Virtual Desktop
VM – Virtual Machine
VMI – Virtual Machine Importer (now obsolete and replaced by VMWare Converter)
VMDK – Virtual Machine Disk (file)
VMFS – VMWare File System
LiveTransfer – Platespin PowerConvert mechanism of converting a machine while in operation
VDC-OS – Virtual Datacenter Operating System (VDC-OS on


LVMLogical Volume Manager (in our case: for Linux)
HCL – Hardware Compatibility List
ECC – Error Correcting Code (ECC definition on Wikipedia)
DC – Domain Controller (DC on Wikipedia)
PDC – Primary Domain Controller (we use this term still, it’s actually the Operations Master or FSMO)
GC – Global Catalog
PSU – Power Supply Unit
NTP – Network Time Protocol (NTP on Wikipedia)
ACL – Access Control List (ACL on Wikipedia)


5 Responses to “Terms and lingo”

  1. EricE said

    Hmm – you use LVM in the blog and it’s not defined here.

    Great idea to include this page.

  2. martijnl said

    Indeed, thanks for the reminder.

    It’s added now.

  3. afokkema said

    Hallo Martijn,

    Als eerste wil ik je een compliment geven voor deze pagina en natuurlijk je blog!

    Bij deze vraag ik je toestemming om deze pagina te mogen gebruiken op mijn blog met daarbij een referentie naar jouw blog.

    Alvast bedankt!


    Arne Fokkema

  4. Scott said

    Thanks for this resource! With all the “buzzwords” being used in the virtualization industry it can sometimes get confusing understanding what something means.

    I addition your list of acronyms, Marathon Technologies also started a glossary of terms which helps.

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