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About Guest Customization and OU’s

Posted by martijnl on January 16, 2009

Found these two posts while searching for easy ways to get a virtual desktop into the right OU:

If you need to generate lots of virtual machines, for example with a non-persistent pool in VMware View it is very nice to have the option to integrate this neatly into the standard VirtualCenter guest customization.


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ICT Freak article: Windows 2008 Guest Customization

Posted by martijnl on October 9, 2008

Found this while looking around for changes to W2008 virtualization:

Although the article is in Dutch it links to a VMware Forums post that has the solution in English:;jsessionid=60B90DAB49028837A685F13B30662754

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Virtualizing a domain controller

Posted by martijnl on January 4, 2007

The topic seems hot on the VMWare forums. One of the better posts I found in the Strategy & Planning section (forum post, this post started because of this post). That got me thinking about a DC that we put online just before Christmas and we found out that it wasn’t functioning properly.

We were able to fix the problem (the NTP Client on the ESX Server wasn’t running and because of that the DC wasn’t getting the right timing from our NTP server) and everything is running fine now. So in the end: if you put the DC in “Server mode” in stead of “Client mode” (which is the same as flipped the registry key mentioned in the first forum thread) and make sure your NTP Client is running on the ESX server than there is nothing to prevent you from not virtualizing your DC’s.

We are taking it slowly though. Our dedicated Exchange Global Catalog will remain a physical box for the time being and we will probably let the Primary Domain Controller be a physical box. (edit 04/01/07 – 17:17 — in this case I don’t mean the PDC as in the NT4 terminology, just to keep one main DC in physical form)

In my search for additional information I found some links that might be interesting:

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