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Tripwire launches community and free tool

Posted by martijnl on February 17, 2009

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Karen from Tripwire notified via Twitter that the Community is now up and running. There is also a new free product available called OpsCheck that checks is vMotion works in your infrastructure:

A free utility that assesses whether VMotion is operational.

VMware VMotion is a key VMware capability that allows administrators to automatically move virtual machines from one physical server to another–with zero downtime and zero impact to end users. But VMotion is difficult to get right. The slightest misconfiguration can have severe impact on Dynamic Resource Scheduling and High Availability — capabilities that are essential to a well performing virtual infrastructure.

OpsCheck helps ensure your systems are configured to support VMware VMotion by rapidly analyzing ESX 3.0, 3.5, and ESXi hypervisors, and provides troubleshooting guidance for VMware VMotion.

For more info: go to


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VMworld Underground for more VMworld news

Posted by martijnl on February 13, 2009

While I will be blogging away during the VMworld Europe 2009 conference there is another site that brings a number of bloggers together under one roof in the form of a Ning community. Several well known bloggers such as Eric Sloof ( and Rich Brambley ( are bringing their contributions to the VMworld Underground website.

Interested? Visit it at:

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Industry Survey follow-up

Posted by martijnl on January 29, 2009 posted the follow up to the industry survey that was posted a week ago. From the post:

Easy to guess, the responses for Q6 – What hardware virtualization platform do you implement? generated concerns among our readers, as Microsoft Hyper-V appeared “more adopted” than VMware ESX. Some of you demanded a clarification on the methodology used to collect and validate the published data, others simply judged the whole survey as 100% useless.

The post goes on to specify visitor statistics compared to the answers to the hypervisor adoption question.

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Virtualization Congress moved to the States

Posted by martijnl on December 17, 2008

I must have missed this one but I visited today and noticed that the Virtualization Congress 2009 will be in the United States in stead of Europe. As you are maybe aware of the 2008 edition scheduled for October was postponed and moved to the U.S. They have a call for papers/presentations and an announcement of the move up on this page:

I was kind of looking forward the the Virtualization Congress and it was unfortunate that they had to reschedule the whole thing. There probably was not enough interest for the Congress in Europe seeing as they needed to cancel it but moving it to the U.S. makes it practically impossible to visit it because of the investment involved.

As far as I know this move makes the upcoming VMworld Europe 2009 the only major virtualization conference over here.

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